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USA Immigration: At a Glance

For several decades, the USA has remained the most popular and idyllic immigration destination that attracts ambitious and driven individuals to create a brighter future for themselves and their families. The United States welcomes foreign talent, specialty workers, investors, dependent family members, and students through a broad range of visa categories.

Benefits of US Immigration

  • – Lucrative job opportunities, fertile business environment, and rewarding investment options
  • – Cultural diversity – well-established Indian diaspora constitutes the most wealthy immigrant group in the USA.
  • – High standard of living – superior healthcare infrastructure and renowned education system
  • – Economic stability, liberal society, and social security provide long-term benefits.

US Immigration Process

  • The process is relatively straightforward but highly detail-oriented. It is essential to prepare an error-free application and provide sufficient evidence of meeting the eligibility requirements to convince US Citizenship and Immigration Services to grant the desired visa. Generally, there is a simple three-step process:

    1. 1. Submit the relevant form to USCIS, including fees and supporting documents required for US visa filing.
    2. 2. Schedule an appointment at the US consulate, if required. Provide documents and biometrics to the officers at the consulate.
    3. 3. Provide additional evidence, if required. After due processing, USCIS declares the outcome of the US visa application.

US Visa Types

Depending on the visa category, applicants are granted either temporary residence or a Green Card, which allows for permanent residence. Temporary visa holders can also eventually attain the Green Card. After five years as permanent residents, Green Card holders can become US citizens by naturalization. Some of the most popular visa categories include:

  • – EB-5 visa for investors and businesspersons
  • – E-2 Visa for Entreprenuers
  • – H-1B visa for workers in specialty occupations
  • – L-1 visas for intra-company transferees
  • – EB-1 visa for persons of extraordinary abilities, managers, and executives, and outstanding professors and researchers

Why Choose Harnit Immigrations?

  • The USA provides a suitable setting to achieve career goals, raise a family, and enjoy a higher quality of life. The immigration policy is highly selective, and it is necessary to receive reliable support to navigate this process successfully. At Harnit Immigrations, seasoned consultants with established expertise in assessing eligibility, creating robust applications, preparing error-free documents, and facilitating a seamless journey overseas; help aspirants from all walks of life lawfully pursue the ambitious goal of immigration to the USA.
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