Australia Immigration

Australia Immigration

Australia and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) which supervises and controls the process of Australia Immigration run a very efficient and innovative visa application system in the world.

Its Skill Select Programme for the General Skilled Migration (GSM) offers the golden opportunity for Skilled Migration to Australia to the deserving skilled candidates from across the globe, after checking their credentials and suitability for Immigration to Australia on certain parameters, using the Australian PR Points Calculator.

Basically, two main pathways to obtaining Work Visas are available. For one, sponsorship is required and it is mandatory that a firm is ready to sponsor the visa applicant. The sponsoring firm must prove that it’s obligatory to have the applicant. For the next option, it is compulsory that the candidate has a skill that is in such high demand in the nation that the Australian administration is ready to offer an invitation to the skilled applicant having the necessary skills.

Australia PR Visa Classes

Take a look at the below mentioned are the different types of visa category which you can choose from as part of the Australia PR!

1) Skill Based PR Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa
2) Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa
3) Business Innovation and Investment Subclass 188 Visa
4) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 187 Visa
5) Business Talent Visa Subclass 132 Visa
6) Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 Visa

Work Visas may be either permanent or temporary, depending on the state-of-affairs.

Those who manage to get the required cut-off o points get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Australia Immigration and Permanent Residency (PR) though getting an ITA is no guarantee that one will certainly get an Australia immigration visa. An ITA basically just enables the candidates to apply for a visa. The recipients will get a visa only if they can successfully fulfill the mandatory requirements for the category under which they may apply later after getting the ITA.  

The visa candidates have numerous other good visa options also, such as Business Visa, Student Visa, Spouse Visa, Child Visa, Aged Parent Visa, to name a few.

Business Visas especially are much sought after. The DHA offers numerous kinds of Business Visas with Business Innovation and Investment – Subclass 188 (Provisional), Business Innovation and Investment – Subclass 888 (Permanent), and Business Talent – Subclass 132 being just some of them.

These Australia Immigration Visa options are basically for those who are either launching or running a business or venture in Down Under.  Moreover, one may obtain visas for other business associated objects, like investing, for instance.  These are though not very easy to get. The reason: there is a weighty amount of paperwork to illustrate the strict terms & conditions are fulfilled.

The applicants must check the latest Australian Immigration News for the most recent updates on the visa and immigration rules involving Australia immigration Consultants. The reason: these change periodically and if one does not keep self well updated he may not be able to submit an application that’s in sync with the new immigration rules.

For example, one will learn that now the 457 Visa is not available and it its place one has the Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) Work Visa.

For successful and hassle-free Immigration to Australia from India, aspirants are advised to contact experts dealing with Immigration Australia. These professionals will help and guide them with the somewhat long draw out and difficult Immigration and Visa process for Australia.

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